Beer Beautiful

by khemensley

Beer is one of the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverages. The fact that it is the world’s third most popular drink after water and tea makes it pretty interesting. The Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that beer consumption peaked in 1979 at 6.4 litres of beer per person, but has been in a steady decline ever since. In turn beer packaging, and labels are getting more beautiful each day. With boutique beers on the up, we can expect to see more unique packaging design.

People in the advertising industry attach significant importance to package design because of its impact on purchasers, its presence at the crucial moment when the purchase is made and consumers’ high level of involvement when they actively scan packages in their decision making. Standing at the beer fridge in the bottleshop, what do you choose?




The thing i like is the label’s ability to stand alone as a piece of art. It is easy to see these labels printed and sold as posters.


This recent beer made in Scotland contains 55 percent alcohol, and the bottle is served with dead animals. The Scottish makers of this beer called it “The End of History”. It is said to be the strongest, most expensive and most shocking beer in the world, since it has 55 percent alcohol and costs $765 per bottle. 12 bottles of this unique beer were made and has already sold out. The dead animals used in making the bottle were all from roadkills.

In France the Sidel beer bottle breaks with traditional codes. At first glance, this object does not even seem to be a bottle. The 500-ml PET bottle boasts an unusual shape with very sleek lines, and the cap is completely hidden. It is only when you turn it over and remove the protective cap that you see that it is a beer bottle, upside down! Right side up, with the protective cap still on, it looks like a stem glass. More than a bottle, this object is unique and fun. The unique shape and the ergonomics of the bottle are meant to intrigue and attract young consumers who are in for a new beer-drinking experience.

A black boombox graphic on a white beer box, it sure stands out in a delightful way!

Mega-brewer MillerCoors is preparing to launch their latest and greatest packaging innovation, the Miller Lite Vortex Bottle, in the hopes of boosting its sales which have slumped recently. The newly developed bottle design has specially designed grooves in the neck to “help create a vortex as you’re pouring beer”.