Typography from industrial look in interior design…

by Helene

Recycled giant letters from old signs, scrabble letters, hessian bags with typographic designs have come to be part of the interior in homes. Large initials are now popping up in homes, where the choice is guided by colour and aesthetics of the type. This is considered an interior design must and most large interior design companies such as Freedom, Ikea or Anthropologie have embraced this movement sticking it to all things home.  Road signs or bus rolls are inside the  house. Old advertising posters bearing vintage typography are all the trend.

The closing down of iconing shops or businesses has created a need to preserve the culture of letters and words. There replacement with more modern looks has also created a nostalgic and romantic notion where homes and designers use those old memories to vamp up interiors. Letters and numbers are now part of the look which is sleek and uncluttered, yet functional.