How Green is green?

by mishydee

by Michelle Davies

It all started with the toilet rolls. I saw that cute TV ad with the wittle doggie going up to kiss his wittle orangutan friend and how they weren’t going to cut down the forests and kill all the orangutans, and after I had smiled at the cuteness of it all, I got a bit cross.


Kleenex Cottonelle Ad

They were stating how green they were by using a sustainable source for toilet roll but they are still wrapping the rolls in plastic. So how green are they really?

So I thought I would look at these products that like to use “green” to sell their products and compare their eco-friendliness. The good companies that focus on everything green, to those companies that like to “roll” with green popularity and dabble in its marketability.

I’ll pick through the supermarket shelves, find the targets to check out and report on how they stack up in environmental greenness, using my own rating scale.