Patrick Clair – Infographics

by antisocialskateboards

First gaining experience in the creative industry by donating his time as a runner on film shoots in Brisbane, over time Clair gravitated toward the post-production side of things and started working as a designer, editor, writer – and taking whatever work he could find really. After a few stints working for production companies, Clair headed south to Sydney to study motion design at AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School), an experience that formed the basis for the many great things to come.

After graduating from AFTRS, Clair scored a job with MTV Australia, where he was encouraged to push himself to make work that was creative and original.

Specifically, it’s information graphics that Clair really enjoys and excels in – design that makes people think, and, regardless of whether it’s a documentary or news story, he finds it most satisfying to work on pieces that are about sharing information and telling a story.

 “Motion design can be a great medium to have fun with. The technology is changing so fast that new techniques become possible all the time. You can use motion design to mash together pretty much any other medium, and I’m really passionate about innovation and finding new ways to create visuals. Motion design lets you do that.”

It wasn’t long before Clair started working for the ABC’s The Chaser, which he describes as a ‘wild ride’. Being a satirical current affairs style program, the jokes had to be up-to-the minute, which meant that most of the graphics for the show were made the day the program went to air.

 “It can be really exciting starting a sequence from scratch when you know it’s going to be in people’s living rooms in just a few hours,” says Clair. “At first it just scared the hell out of me, but now I find it kind of addictive, working through the panic of it all.”