Children’s Books, The Illustrations and Illustrators

by antisocialskateboards

A real passion of mine is illustration. I can often be found sketching out ideas and am rarely far from a pad and pen. Although I am comfortable with many styles of illustration, I prefer a more light and happy approach to illustration much like that found within the pages of Children’s books.

It will probably be of no surprise then that I am particularly fond of the light, happy and brilliantly coloured illustrations found within the world of Children’s books.

Books specifically for children existed by the 17th century. Before this time period it is generally believed that books were written mainly for adults. However some stories popular among children were written in the 15th Century. Thomas Malory’s Morte d’Arthur (1486) and the tales of Robin Hood (c. 1450) were not written with children in mind, but children have been fascinated by these stories for centuries.

Children’s books are often illustrated, sometimes lavishly, in a way that is rarely used for adult literature except in the illustrated novel genre popular especially in Japan, Korea and France. Generally, the artwork plays a greater role in books intended for the youngest readers (especially pre-literate children). Children’s picture books can be a cognitively accessible source of high quality art for young children.

Many authors work with a preferred artist who illustrates their words; others create books together, and some illustrators write their own books. Even after children attain sufficient levels of literacy to enjoy the story without illustrations, they continue to appreciate the occasional drawings found in chapter books.


There are so many talented Children’s book illustrators, above is just a small selection of talent. I hope you enjoyed  the illustrations I selected. And please check out the links bellow.