GDF – S2 – 2011

Conduct research / Evaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context

Music & Graphic Design – Concert Posters

by samdavis217


Sam Davis


For my report I have chosen something I have always been interested in, The art of Concert Posters.
I will be researching not only concert posters but graphic design in music, Album cover art, Album promotion, Gig posters and also will be browsing and reporting on artists such as – Frank Kozik, Jim Phillips, Justin Hampton, Jermaine Rogers, Rex Ray, Chris Shaw and Craig Howell just to name a few.
There are so many different styles in this area of Graphic Design more old then new as this art is being taken over by modern technology and is becoming more difficult to communicate in this way, but it is a beautiful art form and many posters are very high-priced collectors items.

Alcohol Packaging Design – SAM

by samdavis217

Alcohol Design


Alcohol packaging design is a massive area of innovative and creative design.

There are thousands of alcohol companies fighting with each other for sales, sometimes its just a  matter of how nice your packaging looks that determines thewinning factor.

No matter what your poison, our drinking culture is heavily influenced by big brands, their labels and their signature bottles. Take Absolut Vodka for example, which for many years has run an internationally recognised campaign based on the image of the clean and simple lines of their vodka bottle, in the process making it a modern icon of design.


German designer Jorn Berger is getting us to rethink how packaging affects our drinking preferences in a series called Ecohol. He has repackaged some of the world’s best known alcoholic drinks, putting them into Tetra Pak cartons.


Not only do Berger’s designs challenge us to rethink what really influences our consumer choices, they also offer us a sustainable packaging alternative to glass or plastic bottles. Cheers to that.

Here are a few more great packaging designs, some clean and simple and some incredibly creative and fresh.


A Stylish Goon Bag..










LINKS –…/30-creative-alcohol-packaging-design

Johnny Cash Project

by samdavis217

Thought you guys might be interested to see this,
You can draw a frame for a johnny cash video which has been put together by Aaron koblin and  Chris Milk.

After you have submitted your frame you can see it in the video, see exactly how it was drawn and what its rating is.

I think is a really cool idea and the video looks great with all these different interpretations of drawing styles.

Check it out:

Music Infographics

by samdavis217


While searching for infographics I came along some quite interesting and enjoyable infographics on music, music piracy, generations of music and different genres.

I really enjoyed looking at all these infographics, I didn’t realise how many there would be, and

Some of them are quite beautiful in the way they have been created, like this one for Pink Floyd: 

There are so many different types of music infographics but here are some I chose to share with you guys..

Most pirated Artists:

And here are some others that I found quite funny:


Last of all, I really wanted to share this video (TEDtalk) with you. It goes for about 20 minutes but some of the stuff this guy has designed is really cool and I think you’ll find it interesting.

check it out! :



Walmart – Re-branding – SAM

by samdavis217

In 2008 Walmart went under a fresh re-branding to broaden their customer appeal without losing sight of their core customer base.
Since the first store opened in 1962 Walmart has been a highly recognizable brand to millions of people and has a global presence as one of the world’s most successful retailers.

Always looking to stay in tune with customers, the retailer undertook a massive initiative to revitalize its brand.

With a new logo and new tagline, “Save money, Live better.” the brand has revamped itself in over 7000 stores across the U.S.



I believe the new font look is friendlier and welcoming where as the old branding was cold and had no character.
Their continued evolution and progression from its less-than-glamorous reputation and image as an invasive retailer with less-than-desirable employment and environmental practices, I think a re-branding was the right move for their company.
There has been no reasoning or no explanation of what the new star burst stands for, or why the decision to change to a single word, all we have to go by is the logo that replaces the 16-year-old sans serif that was as thick and heavy as the beige boxes it adorned for so long. The new logo is rumored to have been designed by New York-based Lippincott.



Woolworths – the largest grocery store in Australia has rebranded its 21 year old previous logo and has rolled out a new identity over 780 stores, including the transformation of the safeway stores in Victoria.

The press release explains –
The new identity introduces a new icon incorporating a stylised ‘W’ with the addition of an abstract leaf symbol representing fresh food. It is also reminiscent of one of the most famous of all Woolworths logos used in the 1970s and it represents a person — as in “The Fresh Food People” and the Woolworths focus on its customers. The new logo was designed by Hulsbosch.

1970’s Woolworths logo.
I cannot see how this logo with represents a person?

The change is very welcome, it’s an undeniable improvement over the non-logo of before, specially one that treated its tagline with more importance than the name. I like the new icon, there is something refreshing and progressive about it.

In October 2009, it was reported that Apple Inc. had lodged an objection to Woolworths’ trademark application with the Australian Government’s intellectual property agency IP Australia, claiming that the logo resembles its own. The reports said that Apple was concerned that Woolworths had applied for a blanket trademark for the design, so it could be placed on any product – even on electrical goods like computers and music players. Woolworths was not selling its own brand electrical goods then, but a spokeswoman for the company said that, “While we can’t rule anything out, we haven’t got any plans at the moment.”

Magazine History – Sam

by samdavis217


When looking into magazine publishing I stumbled across some information on the first consumer magazines ever published,
Some of these traditional magazines are still in print and are over 200 years old.
Firstly there was The Gentlemen’s Magazine, first published in 1731 in London, it is considered to have been the first general-interest magazine, written by Edward Cave, it ran uninterrupted for almost 200 years, until 1922.
The original complete title was The Gentleman’s Magazine: or, Trader’s monthly intelligencer. Cave’s innovation was to create a monthly digest of news and commentary on any topic the educated public might be interested in, from commodity prices to Latin poetry.

Before the founding of The Gentleman’s Magazine, there were specialized journals, but no such wide-ranging publication (although there had been attempts, such as The Gentleman’s Journal, which was edited by Peter Motteux and ran from 1692 to 1694).

Second was the oldest magazine still in print, The Scots Magazine. First published in 1739, though it has had multiple changes in ownership and publication gaps totaling over 90 years, this weakens the claim that it is the oldest magazine still in print.

Third and last is Lloyds List, founded in Edward Lloyd England coffee shop in 1734, it is still published as a daily newspaper.
It’s circulation is now international and is both paper and web-based, it appears daily.
As well as shipping news, Lloyds List today covers marine insurance, offshore energy, logistics, global trade and law.