GDF – S2 – 2011

Conduct research / Evaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context

Trends in Book Cover Designs

by ilebrinsmead

The book design industry is fast emerging with new design trends and there is much to learn from it. As much as design is a work of art, it is also a marketing tool for capturing attention of potential readers and book buyers.

I wish to show you some inspiring designs and new creative solutions  utilizing clean typography, photography and other elements that convey a strong composition with this project… and maybe prompt you to select your favorite book cover design or add to your collection?

Sharing you a glimpse of some book designs …..


by ilebrinsmead

Making clever packaging unique and different for books, in particular, can be a perilous journey with many checks and balances.  The least to say, packaging design turns into disaster once exposed to the challenge of critics and naysayers.

Best to get an outside opinion to discover fatal flaws as part of the proofing process before it gets out there. And before signing off on your packaging, check thoroughly and carefully the following:

  1. Packaging
    • hold weight
      free from dampness
      hardcover editions, spine straight against box’s side
      wrap or pad, if necessary
  2. Bad images
  3. Type/face on package
  4. Packaging message/s is rightly conveyed through images and words
  5. Verbiage is not offending
  6. Integrate product packaging into your brand
  7. Pitfalls – environmental issues, legislation counterfeiting, product packaging security

I found in the Internet these custom packaging designs pieces exquisite:

Lebrito de mi – packaging is low cost and design has an artisan resolution and conveys warmth and originality of the product.

New York – designed by Swedish Henrik Persson. Book weights 16 kgs, vertical standing, packaging/display stand made in Perspex and literally looks like a building/skyscraper.

5th Gymnasium –  a monograph in one of best/oldest high schools in Zagreb, packaged book in pencil case, brand’s the schoo’ls visual identity in Mathematics (upside-sown 5 reads like G).

Vinexport’s bag-in-boxes: wine packaging or old books – Awarded at the 2008 Bronze Pentaward, a worldwide packaging design competition, packaging was designed to support the brand identity by rendering the image of an old book to differentiate the Grapefruit product in the marketplace. This meant modernizing perceptions on the bag-in-box wines.

Chinese Book Packaging

Packaging Launch
Packaging Diva
Moving About Step by Step Guides – Pack Books
Lovely Package Books
Randommization – This is how I like my books carved and filled with olive oil
Packaging of the World – Chinese Book Packaging

Amazing Infographics for Health Conscious People

by ilebrinsmead

Initially, I wanted to show you some alternative medicine and healing practices by way of infographics but unfoturnately, I could not find any interesting information in the web. Hence, you may be curious about Infographics on weight loss and other health issues.

Infograpics on weight loss

Generally, people do not really know the calorie intake and outtake that is contained in food and how hard it is to work out to get rid of extra energy.  So this chart below helps you to decide when to stop weight sneak up on you.

While the chart looks visually appealing, I find the comparisons only useful for people who eat what I consider junk food – Big Macs, fries, chocolate chip cookies, but not for other sensible food items.

Also this infographics may be more useful using  bar charts to show calorie intake and calorie outtake by the type and hours of exercise, instead of graphing minutes to burn off.

Facts about smoking

How about looking at the essential facts on this legal, yet dangerous acitivity: Smoking in numbers of people smoking versus deaths.

This infographic seems to show smoking causes more deaths than alcohol, car accidents, suicides, AIDS, homicides and illegal drugs  in the US.

Disease Fatality Rates

How about case fatality rates for popularly known diseases? Very interesting to note that Aids, an untreated disease ranks the highest and the common seasonal flu ranks the lowest….Beware!

Dietary Supplements Effectiveness

Truths about dietary supplements are usually obscured by marketing hypes and finding the truth about research can be time consuming.

Consider the figures in this infographics with a grain of salt. The numbers may be incorrect, and some of them are definitely open to interpretation.

Calorie Intake Outtake

Facts about Smoking

World Health

Disease Case Fatality Rates

Effectiveness of Dietary Supplements

Virgin Blue Re-branding

by ilebrinsmead

Industry Setting – The latest in Australian airline business rivalries belong to Qantas and Virgin Blue Group. Qantas is dynamically employing constant changes in management, financial, marketing, employment relations and global in response to changes in internal and external environments. Virgin Blue, Qantas’ big competitor has responded by it’s recent re-branding on both domestic and international routes replacing Virgin Blue, Pacific Blue and V Australia  and now use  the new name Virgin Australia.


Challenge – The Virgin Australia brand transformation was to upgrade its image from low cost airline to more up-market and more of a full service operator. The challenge include, one Virgin Australia brand (all Virgin brands rolled into one); launching new loyalty program; expansion to business class; revamping lounges, new uniforms, flight menus; unveiling new aircraft with leather seats;  classy, in-flight internet connectivity; new look logo design  (by Hans Hulsbosch, Australia’s leading brand and design consultancy) and to seriously challenge Qantas’ 90% share of the Corporate market. Virgin Australia also seeks approval for strategic alliance with Delta on US-Australian routes and Richard Branson’s (Virgin Blue Group founder and CEO) deal with Singapore Airlines.



Strategy – The Virgin brand’s trademark “coolness” are to be reflected in glamorous models, flashes of red with Sir Richar’ds broad smile in the foreground. The new Virgin shakes off the Blue which can be seen in the Airbus A330-200 aircrafts feature in business class seats.

New A330-200 Business Class Seats

Result – The world’s largest airline review site, SKYTRAX has ranked Virgin Australia’s official 4-Star ranking for product and service quality. It’s A330 Business Class – 5 stars, Economy Class – 4.5 stars, B737-800 Premium Economy – 5 stars, and Economy Class – 4.5 stars. Virgin Australia was named the winner of the Airline Staff Service Excellence Australia/Pacific award at the 2011 World Airline Awards at the Paris Air Show. Customer reviews report impressive, outstanding and superb airline and professional and attentive cabin crew and ground crew, cleanliness, entertaining and excellent food and fares competitive…highly recommended!



We know from the news the airline industry are loosing money. In my opinion, Virgin Australia’s strategy to revamp it’s low-cost fare identity to a brand new image of a high class operator, was a way to become more competitive to other airlines and to generate more income hence cut their losses.

Examples of other airline re-brands is Delta Air and the mashup of United and Continental Airlines.

Before -> After


Business Case Study

The Courier Mail Business 

Airline Quality

2011 World Airline Awards

Customer Reviews

Delta Air Lines Rebrand

United and Continental Airline Mashup 

Publish an eBook

by ilebrinsmead

Book publishing is one of my interest nowadays and incidentally our business receive enquiries from prospective readers for availability of ebooks.

What in the world is an eBook? Any content converted to a digital format and then viewed on an electronic device such as a computer, PDA, or eBook viewer (often called a “reader”).

From a publisher’s vantage point, detailing the  form, designing and packaging of an ebook is important. And Writers understand the elements that make up a successful ebook.

E-book readers are becoming more common, and two of the most popular today are the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader line.

Unfortunately two different brands don’t read the same kinds of e-books unless bought from the store designed for the reader, e.g. Amazon’s Kindles Store, Sony’s Reader Store, Barnes and Noble Nook touch reader or Apple iBooks.

Many easy-to-use tools exists today for converting to e-books. For Kindle users, the Mobipocket Desktop is a choice. Amazon provides a conversion service  which allow emailing to them the e-book and will convert and sent directly to your Kindle reader.

Calibre supports Amazon’s Kindle, Sony,  and Nook and a large number of other reading devices.

I came across the Web Publication, a professional e-publishing solution that provides online publications of digital magazines, ebook, flip-books, ecatalogues, brochures, annual reports, prospectus, newsletters among others. An eBook is created from a PDF.

PDF’s documents are converted into interactive digital publications with flash animations, video and photos., videos, hyperlinks, forms, interactive games, HD images.

Real interactivity with readers can be created on all digital devices at optimum cost. Contents can be published online on your website, flash drive, CD/DVDs, USB drive and even accessible from an iPad or an iPhone, email and web links.

Three solutions by Web Publications are Publish your own  (DIY), Online flipbooks are published for you, or Automate the publishing of your flipbooks using a tailored solution to automate the creation of your interactive flipbooks.

Examples of eBooks published by Web Publications:

E-Book, Wikipedia
Calibre book management
Web publication
To see demo, click on the Web Publication page