Project Magazine – The worlds first ipad Magazine – Brett

by johndoedesigns

The Future of publishing has arrived! Project magazine for the ipad is the worlds first native ipad magazine! launched by Sir Richard Branson in New York November 2011 Project is a collaboration between Virgin Digital publishing and Seven.

Project has the look and style of a magazine but acts like a website . It had to combine the enduring print media foundations – beautiful aesthetics and agenda-setting editorial – with the very best of “new” media: interactivity, speed, and shareable content. But it also had to pioneer – and that meant purpose-built infographics; live forums; GPS-located travel guides; and plenty more things we’d only think of on the day.

Project Magazine’s interactive on page menu – 

Action Buttons – Pressing this will allow you to play, scroll, pinch or otherwise abuse the content.

Numbered buttons – View galleries of videos, photos and more!

Hot spots – Touch one of these “targets” on a page and you’ll open a pop-up window featuring more pictures hidden nuggets of info and, on occasion. picture of daleks.

The forum – Tap this cross hair to enter the online forum and have your say.

Plus panels – Read more and go deeper! The plus panel lets you access a world of link, official sites and places to buy stuff.

Blog – An online repository of news, follow up to articles updated everyday!

Project is a must see, must play app, where you can download songs for free, do quizzes that mark themselves and go on tours around the country all from your magazine! it will be interesting to see how many existing publications will advance in this interactive direction in the future…

Cost – App – Free to download includes and “Sample” downloadable issue

Each Issue is only $2.99

Must see video link –

Links –