Post 4/4: the wonderful world of packaging design

by clea1g

The most compelling packaging works on multiple levels. At the consumer level, packaging should be visually engaging and resonate on both an emotional and rational level with the target audience. For many companies, packaging is the primary means of messaging; and broader brand objectives must be considered when beginning a packaging project. Well designed original and effective packaging will deliver your brand message with great success.

Here are a few good places to begin looking into this area of graphic design:  Pemberton & Whitefoord a UK based company who designed the very clever bottle above for Bambarria tequila. Their website is sort of fun too…

Moxie Sozo are a US co who also do some great packaging design, here are a few examples that caught my eye

Investigate examples of creative packaging for this final post of the term. Due at the end of next weeks class 21/9/11. Thank you.