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by mishydee

Michelle Davies

Above: September 11 – In the four attacks, a total of 2996 people lost their lives, including 19 terrorists. This infographics give an insight into the knowledge that was gained over the last ten years about these events.

Golden Section Graphics was founded in January 2007 by Jan Schwochow, who has more than 20 years of experience as infographics artist, designer and journalist. He was head of department and the art director of the infographics department at Stern magazine, and art director for information graphics in the graphic development of the publisher Milchstraße. He also established the infographic department for the Agency Kircher Burkhardt in Berlin, which he led for  two years. He has been honored 28 times at the Malofiej Awards in Spain, the annual international infographics awards. In Germany he has won five awards, including a silver medal of the ADC and the first prize at the dpa Infographics Award 2008.

Above: About the German forests

The infographics by Jan Schwochow and his team also enjoy great popularity in corporate publishing. A total of 22 winners of the Best of Corporate Publishing Awards include information graphics created by him at Kircher Burkhardt and Golden Section Graphics. Jan Schwochow is a member of the Art Directors Club Germany e.V. and the Society for News Design.

The agency  specialises in the  transfer and designing of information, using designers, technical writers,  journalists, graphics artists, illlustrator and programmers.

Above: Ingraphics is a visual magazine full on infographics. The magazine is published twice a year and is produced by Golden Section Graphics.

The agency writes: “It is the duty of infographics to depict circumstances that are difficult to understand in a way that the viewer can easily get a clear picture of complex structures, spacial connections, stages of a process, developments, effects and contexts.”

The company covers an extensive range of works – Charts and diagrams, graphs, maps, illustrations, 3D visualisations, 3D animation, interactive applications, corporate infographics and style guides, PR infographics, orientation systems, user manuals, eLearning,  data visualisation, apps and interface design, classic graphics and web design, editorial work, consulting.

Below: A large infographic for the politics section of German weekly newspaper Die ZEIT. On the upper part of the page it shows news topics that were hyped and shock topics on the lower part. In the middle, there’s a timeline from beginning of 2010 until March of 2011 where all topics meet.

I  like the company’s ability to get a lot of information into a form that makes you want to read it, and enjoy reading it. A lot of their work is in German, but the visual component makes it easier to understand the information even if you can’t read the words. The Infographics magazine looks very interesting and would be great to get a copy of. Can see that growing in popularity.


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