The Apple of my eye ~ Will Neill

by blkthread

When it comes to successful packaging i don’t think anything can surpass Apple, as obvious as it is i think it needs to be mentioned. Its the simplicity that has made Apples packaging so well known. Generally just a front on image of the product, usually to scale will sit prominently on the box with the product name in simple bold text, sitting on a clean matt either black, white or grey background. The other key aspect of the design is the size of the packaging, over the years Apple have continuously brought out their products in smaller and tighter packaging, when looking at the box you wonder how the product even fits inside. The minimalism doesn’t stop on the exterior either, when opening, your greeted with nothing but the product itself, a couple of accessories and the support that stops it from rattling around, not to mention that new smell.

So how has the less is more approach been so successful? The words that come to mine are sterile and quality. When purchasing an electrical appliance you want a simple and easy to use product that gets the job done. To all who are familiar with Apples product design and software design, you will understand how well the packaging actually portrays the product. In the end you are left with something so minimal that it looks as if its barely even been designed at all. Its an a egotistical approach, as if Apple are saying why would we need to spend time on our packaging when everyone already knows how good our product is. Apple have succeeded in producing something that combines advanced technology with style, and an entire experience around buying a product.