GDF – S2 – 2011

Conduct research / Evaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context

Japanese manga

by lucanakin

In my report I will treat some matter about japanese animation.

In particular:

-What is a manga?


-The history from the start until now

-How can draw and read a manga

-What is the main plot of most manga

-Main differences

-Influences in the actual world



Fabriano Boutique Italia

by lucanakin

Since 1264 Fabriano has been synonymous with high quality paper, esteemed throughout the world and known to publishers, writers and artists. Indeed, although the invention of paper is traditionally ascribed to the Chinese and its introduction to the West attributed to the Arabs,

the people of Fabriano must be given the credit for their ability to engender a true leap in paper quality and to make Fabriano the cradle of the production of modern paper.

All the forests that provide the wood-pulp for Fabriano paper are controlled and properly managed to ensure the new growth of the trees, and production processes respect the current environmental norms, often exceeding them in rigor when they work with paper certified ECOLABEL.

Fabriano Boutique puts forward merchandise that is a symbol of tradition and prestige throughout the world because it brings together the value of paper with the skill of master artisans and the creativity of great designers.


Info Graphics

by lucanakin

Information graphics or info graphics are graphic visual representations of information, data, and knowledge.

These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing and education.

I’ve been asking from may people this question: You are Italian, can you make good coffe? I love coffe…

I found on the net a Info graphic that may interest you guys:

As a technology fan I would like to share with you this chart. Thos is a historical info graphic about the evolution of technology, but they talk about it in revolutionary term …

This chart explains how info graphics ease the process of communicating conceptual information. But, for my point of view we are going into an era when people.

Will become less intelligent and more and more visual causing a deficit of knowledge of the past and increasing knowledge of the future.

I’m not a very fun of apple product, I think they are overpriced and no affordable to everyone but,

I thought what follows here should be interesting: this chart shows the history of apple products from 1976 till now.

As a budding graphic designer could not be missed out a info graphic talking about colour, here:


The history of Campari

by lucanakin

Campari is an alcoholic aperitivo born in 1860, obtained from the infusion of herbs and fruit in alcohol and water. It is a bitter characterized by its dark red color, is often used in cocktails served with soda, water or wine.

Several artists worked to represent Campari, such as the painter and poster artist, Marcello Dudovich and the engraver, illustrator and set designer Adolfo Magrini.

Campari soda entered the market with its single-serve bottle designed Depero in 1930: it was the very first pre-mixed drink marketed worldwide.

In the 1950’s some artists illustrated Campari’s energy in posters inspired by the world of sports.

The 1960’s marked a significant turning point for the communication strategy of the Campari brand, with a new graphic approach and the production of the manifesto ‘Declinazione grafica del nome Campari’ for the opening of the first subway line of Milan.

Milton Glaser was one of the designers of the 1980’s advertising posters.

The painter Ugo Nespolo, in 1990, made a billboard and a commercial for the Soccer World Cup hosted in Italy. The advertisements were specially created for both the television and the print advertising campaigns, focusing on the four fundamental values of the brand: passion, internationalism, uniqueness and prestige.

The 2010 is the 150th anniversary, of the brand, celebrated with a gallery with the most significant art works of Campari’s history.


Digital Anime Publishing

by lucanakin


Japanese manga, as comics are called here, have been publicized the world over on television and in newspapers.

What does it mean manga? The word man-ga literally means “free images”, “extravagant images”.

Since the 1950s, manga have steadily become a major part of the Japanese publishing industry. The core of the manga publishing industry consists of some weekly manga magazines published by the major publishers alone, along with bi-weeklies, and many influential monthlies.

"Toei Animation"

The three largest publishing houses producing manga are Kodansha, Shogakkan, and Shueisha. In addition there are some ten odd publishing firms which come in at a close second, including Akita Shoten, Futabasha, Shonen Gahosha, Hakusensha, Nihon Bungeisha, and Kobunsha.

Some manga, a small amount of the total output, is adapted into anime, often with the collaboration of the original author.

In the mid-1950’s, Hiroshi Okawa was the president of the Japanese film company Toei. In 1956, Toei Animation was founded and, two years later, the company released its first full-length feature The Tale of the White Serpent.

"Hiroshi Okawa with some of his manga creations"

Computer games can also give rise to anime, in such cases, the stories are often compressed and modified to fit the format and appeal to a wider market.

"Super Mario Bros. manga and videogame"

Talking about the digital publishing industry, it is difficult to say where is going. It is a growing industry and soon, the digital library will outgrow the print library and for manga fans an adaptation will become a must.

Anyway, there are many ways to read a manga on the net like: e-manga books, reader and apps for Iphone, Ipad, Android, etc.

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