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by samdavis217

Alcohol Design


Alcohol packaging design is a massive area of innovative and creative design.

There are thousands of alcohol companies fighting with each other for sales, sometimes its just a  matter of how nice your packaging looks that determines thewinning factor.

No matter what your poison, our drinking culture is heavily influenced by big brands, their labels and their signature bottles. Take Absolut Vodka for example, which for many years has run an internationally recognised campaign based on the image of the clean and simple lines of their vodka bottle, in the process making it a modern icon of design.


German designer Jorn Berger is getting us to rethink how packaging affects our drinking preferences in a series called Ecohol. He has repackaged some of the world’s best known alcoholic drinks, putting them into Tetra Pak cartons.


Not only do Berger’s designs challenge us to rethink what really influences our consumer choices, they also offer us a sustainable packaging alternative to glass or plastic bottles. Cheers to that.

Here are a few more great packaging designs, some clean and simple and some incredibly creative and fresh.


A Stylish Goon Bag..










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