DVD Packaging – Brett

by johndoedesigns

Dvd packaging has come along way since the first release of DVD’s, Originally released the film poster as the cover with the blurb and photo’s on the back, they now will sing you a tune, Say your favorite lines from a movies and even light up!

Over the last 6 years DVD companies have released more and more elaborate yet much more expensive collector editions of everyones favorite DVD’s, They are selling the toys or gadgets more than they’re selling the actual DVD. It’s as if the DVD or Bluray is just additional requirement for the toys to sell more but because they’re supposed to sell the product as DVDs, then they make a packaging out of the toy.

Here are a few of the top DVD packaging over the past few years –

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle – Hogwarts Castle with wooden base Including all six Harry Potter movies and a protective plexiglas cover. 500 pounds!!

The Terminator box set – terminator endo skull, Blu-ray. His eye’s light up & it speaks lines from the film.

Band of Brother – Military kit It is a replica of a Military Kit that contains a big digipack, numerous replica maps/leaflets, dogtags and a numbered card. What I love about it is that the whole packaging doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard unlike other Special Edition DVDs that try hard to be unique that everything’s just a big bunch of random mess. You’re lucky if you get to purchase one because its very rare- limited to 6,000 worldwide.

Scooby Doo box set –

Special edition packaging. In the shape of a Mystery Machine van, the box set features LED lights that glow from the front and back of the box set (the head lights and brake lights of the van), plus a groovy soundbite that plays the What’s New Scooby-Doo? theme tune.