Food Packaging Aimed at Children

by debbiemiller767

Since the 40-50’s, company’s have realized the power of marketing directly to children. The term pester power, rings happily in the ears of marketing directors the world over.

The main products which started this type of packaging directly aimed at this target market, appear to be breakfast cereals and lollies and chocolates. I have encluded images of old packaging I have found.

You can see that the packages us either pre-existing popular children’s characters, have created there own animated character, or children’s book character to use this to create a want with there child  market. It seems at the beginning some of the Kellogg’s packaging tried to retain the healthy look of the product and add a cute cartoon character. By the 60’s and 70’s it turned into full colour and the free gifts and toys, became more and more important.

As you can see the use of characters and brightly coloured packaging has continued. But will it in the future, with moves to ban the use of characters on children’s food and drink products. The landscape of packaging aimed at children could change drastically.