Apple – The Evolution of a Logo

by antisocialskateboards

The apple logo used by Apple Inc is a perfect example of simplicity. And a logo that in it’s simplicity is perfectly suited to Apple’s beautifully streamlined product design. However just as the Apple 1 was not as beautifully simplistic in its design, neither was Apple’s first logo. The very first Apple Computer logo, was an illustration that depicted Issac Newton under an apple tree.

Although it was a beautifully illustrated logo, It only lasted one year before Apple decided on rebranding the company with a more modern logo. The Issac Newton logo was replaced in 1977 with the first ‘Apple logo’.

This logo lasted up until 1998, when Apple replaced the coloured apple with a more simplistic, modern apple. Which was in turn to complement the companies more modern product designs.  It was rumoured that the coloured stripes where used as a means to ‘humanize’ the company. Whatever the reason, the logo lasted 22 years as the company logo.

In 1998 Apple dumped the colourful stripes and went for the ultra modern, almost futuristic look of a monochromatic logo. The overall shape of the logo, however, remains unchanged from it’s original inception 34 years ago.

Today the ‘apple’ logo is one of the worlds most recognized logos. World wide. It is a simple design that is extremely effective. And as Apple continues to go from strength to strength, has proven to be a highly effective and successful rebranding excersice.