Whats Next For Cigarette Packaging

by Mike Svoboda

Here are some examples of cigarette packaging from back in the day. Simple affective, whats next in the design of cigarettes who knows!

Ukrainian designer R. J. Reynolds created a cigarette pack that resembles a coffin to remind people that smoking leads to a rapid death. This package design is meant to alarm smokers that each cigarette takes away 5 minutes life. Mr. Reynolds stated: “Daily people are dying throughout the world of diseases caused by smoking. This package concept shows how close this problem is to us. As every day each smoker carries this problem in his/her pocket. They carry death”. However, this attempt to reduce the amount of smoking has got some mixed reviews. Some people say that the package is so cool; it makes them want to smoke even more.


Wang XYW 3838

So, they decided to make a cell phone that not only looks like a pack of cigarettes, but also holds real cigarettes in the back! The Wang XYW 3838 phone runs on dual band GSM, takes micro SD cards, plays MP3, has a colour screen and a VGA camera on the side. The price of this pack of cigarettes/cell phone is about $175 and right now they are only available in Taiwan. Who knew recycled cigarette packs could be so useful?

The Marlboro 508 complete with flip-top box and storage for actual cigarettes also including an MP3/MP4 player. One interesting feature is a 1.3-megapixel camera that’s hidden in the side of the cigarette pack for your spy shots.