Rebranding of Mr.Swirl by Will

by blkthread

Mr. Swirl is a well established plumbing and services business in Vancouver which have been operating for over 20 years. Competing amongst a competitive industry all seeking the same audience, Mr.Swirl needed a new look and competitive edge. the design agency Cossette – were brought on board to create a fresh new approach.

I had no previous knowledge of Mr.Swirl (really?!), but the graphic transformation really captured my eye. I also like the idea of taking graphic design and applying it to areas where design and aesthetics are not usually considered to be important such as a plumbing business, i think as graphic designers its our duty to make everything look good down to all corners of the world we live in. In this case they have gone for a quality and friendly look to their designs like something from an early era where quality and heart were what was important.

The new designs (below) use a visual language of simple bold shapes and borders, creating a friendly and professional look and feel, whilst incorporating a certain traditional style.

New Logo


Branding Illustration

The 3d designs continue with the simple bold look. I feel like the cleaning products package designs leave the products to speak for themselves, nothing too flashy just a simple good product.

Package Design

Brand Application

New Website

And this is what was before….

old logos

old website and coupons

Below is more product rebranding that i thought had a similar feel and thought process, using simple colours and shapes, refining the design down to a cleaner look.

Old packaging

New Packaging