GDF – S2 – 2011

Conduct research / Evaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context


by justcaptured

For my assignment i will be looking at depth at graphic design on vehicles.

I hope to cover the following areas:

–  Car wraps- Decals- Airbrush- Magnets- See through window decals

– Hand painted pin stripes on vintage and rat rods.

I will look at current trends and a little from the past and the future.

The assignment will cover pricing, time,applications, tools needed,

local and international companies, specified files needed, workshop set up

and some crazy, current and futuristic designs.

The final report will be a ten page indesign document and will be laid out

like a car magazine.

My final presentation will be on powerpoint with youtube videos and paper


out of the box

by justcaptured

While taking a look at unusual shoe packaging i came across some great ideas.
Some were very environmentally friendly and others were just very innovative designs.
An interesting design was Puma's redesign of the shoe box. They used industrial designer
Yves Behar and fuseproject to design the shoe box. After 21 months, 2000 ideas and
40 plus packaging prototypes. The outcome of this was "the clever little bag"
The shoe box uses 65% less cardboard, no tissue paper and zero laminated printing.

The other environmentally friendly package was from a company called newton running.
They take 100% recycled pulp that egg cartons are made of and then mould it around the shoes
They are strong, can be stacked and use no tissue paper.

A fun package that i looked at was for toddlers converse shoes
They can lace up the box and collect all five to make up the converse star.

crazy coffee drinks

by justcaptured

Up until now i have never been so interested or known what the word infographic meant.

While searching a few websites i found 100’s of  infographics and the majority of them had

me captured and i felt compelled to read on. You can learn so much about the statistics of a

certain topic in a very short time. The majority of infographics worked well. They used great

colours good fonts and had a sense of direction about them. The ones i really liked were simple

and concise and gave a broad over view of the topics. What a great way to learn!

After getting lost in the infographics world i looked a little further at a couple that i liked

and spoke about why.


I like this layout as the colours work well together. It is easy on the eye and tells us a lot of info using an overlapping method.


It will tell you how much coffee , milk, water, foam and chocolate are in eight different beverages .


Being a student of design i was very happy to find this infographic. This is one to put up on the wall and check it out at the end of every project.


At a glance you get the basic rules of how a good design should be constructed. I find this invaluable as it is so easy to loose track of the big picture.


The pro tip and closing statement are a big help and the whole layout is exactly what they are talking about, direction, contrast and rhythm.



More interesting beer brands

by justcaptured


Budweiser new branding

by justcaptured

On August the 3rd 2011 the iconic american beer brand budweiser unvailed its new designed can, bottles and secondary packaging.

The new can design is budweisers 12th since 1936. The focal point of the new design is the iconic budweiser  “bowtie” . This accompanies

the budweiser creed and Anheuser-busch medallion.

The budweiser success is rooted in the qualities of the beer that will never change, such as a crisp refreshing taste and a lifelong commitment to quality.

The new packaging design gives a fresh new updated look which emphasizes the iconic bowtie and incorporates the brands hallmarks that loyal drinkers will recognize and appreciate.

The new visual identity is to help reinforce Budweisers role as a true global beer brand. The packaging will also feature a ” quick response” code that will better enable budweiser to regularly communicate with the consumers.

I believe the new design works well to give the brand a fresh new minimal look while keeping in with the companies traditions.

They have achieved this by keeping most the original colours but reducing the amount of blue and emphasizing the text “KING OF BEERS”.

Budweiser has also toned down all the frilly bits and have made the bowtie and white space stand out.



The Byron Shire Echo

by justcaptured

The Byron shire echo is published weekly in the byron shire of NSW Australia.

The echo as it is also known was founded in 1986 following marijuana raids by police in the valleys surrounding Mullumbimby .

Many people believed that the police were acting aggressively and illegally. Back then local TV and print media refused to report on the story. It was this act of honest coverage that provoked the late Nicholas Shand, to start the local newspaper.

Until this day the newspaper challengers social justice. The Echo brings the thoughts on current issues of a small local community to the table and  has backed the dumping of  a prior council and backs the community against large corporations such as Club Med & woolworths.

Over the last 20 years, The Byron Shire Echo has grown steadily from an A4 layout to the present day A3 tabloid, and currently prints 21 000 copies weekly.

These days the Echo is not just printed. They have a great website ware you can brouze through the current weekly issue and check out archives.

The way of the future for the Echo is going to be the internet. They are just about to launch Echonetdaily This will be your daily news emailed to you every day for free.