GDF – S2 – 2011

Conduct research / Evaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context

DVD Packaging – Brett

by johndoedesigns

Dvd packaging has come along way since the first release of DVD’s, Originally released the film poster as the cover with the blurb and photo’s on the back, they now will sing you a tune, Say your favorite lines from a movies and even light up!

Over the last 6 years DVD companies have released more and more elaborate yet much more expensive collector editions of everyones favorite DVD’s, They are selling the toys or gadgets more than they’re selling the actual DVD. It’s as if the DVD or Bluray is just additional requirement for the toys to sell more but because they’re supposed to sell the product as DVDs, then they make a packaging out of the toy.

Here are a few of the top DVD packaging over the past few years –

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle – Hogwarts Castle with wooden base Including all six Harry Potter movies and a protective plexiglas cover. 500 pounds!!

The Terminator box set – terminator endo skull, Blu-ray. His eye’s light up & it speaks lines from the film.

Band of Brother – Military kit It is a replica of a Military Kit that contains a big digipack, numerous replica maps/leaflets, dogtags and a numbered card. What I love about it is that the whole packaging doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard unlike other Special Edition DVDs that try hard to be unique that everything’s just a big bunch of random mess. You’re lucky if you get to purchase one because its very rare- limited to 6,000 worldwide.

Scooby Doo box set –

Special edition packaging. In the shape of a Mystery Machine van, the box set features LED lights that glow from the front and back of the box set (the head lights and brake lights of the van), plus a groovy soundbite that plays the What’s New Scooby-Doo? theme tune.














Online Schools – Infographic’s – Brett

by johndoedesigns

Online Schools is a premier portal for online education on the web. Their goal is not to revolutionize the concept of education, but rather to help bring people into the 21st century in terms of the way they perceive learning. In today’s Internet age, education is now about infographics, blogs, e-books, web articles, youtube, wikipedia etc.

Online Schools strive to revolutionize the way people think about and approach education providing honest, up-to-date and readily available info.

Online Schools has different topics with infographics such as – Business and finance, Education, Engineering, law and criminal justice, Technology and internet, Science and many more! The subjects are broken up into how the information is given for example if you learn better with infographics you would go to the information that has GRAPIC under the topic this is an infographic, other ways of learning are TOP BLOGS, WHAT IS, ARTICLE ect.

There is a wide verity of inforgaphic topics some more serious than others topics include –

Obsessed with Facebook

Things you didn’t know about YouTube

The evolution of video games

Marvel Comics


And more serious topics such as –

Is online learning for me?

Student Debt

What degree should you get

Personally I find infographics a great way of learning information that may spark your interest but maybe not enough to sit and spend hours of time researching it. I think Seeing the interesting facts broken down into easy to read style with fun graphics and graphs is a much easier way to absorb information.

Pepsi Rebrand – Brett

by johndoedesigns

Pepsi has recentley changed its logo for the 11th time in it’s 110- year history. Five logo’s have been introduced in the past 21 years, with the last update in 2002.  

It took the designers five months and 1 million dollars to finalize the (New?) iconic Logo. The newest Pepsi logo was designed by the Arnell Group.

Both new and old logos have an almost identical, rounded, sans-serif typeface, with the red and blue Pepsi wave device sloping upward diagonally to the right. Only the spacing and evenness of the waves have changed.

The new Pepsi logo has come under some controversy the publics reception has mostly been negative with most saying the result is a distorted, watered down mutate of its former self that devalues years of brand equity. Other controversy has involved the familiar look to the Obama’08 campaign logo.

I personally feel that the “new look” for Pepsi is not a significant enough change to previous logo’s  that warrants spending 1million dollars and spending 5 months to “change” I do feel Pepsi is a bit of an over kill as it seems that every time I look at a Pepsi bottle or can the branding has been changed.

I understand the reasoning companies stay current and intend to work with contemporary customers, their typography and colors and the like to have to stay recent and fashionable (in most cases). We want to feel that a brand fits our time, lives in our moment, is something related to us, but how often is to often to rebrand?

Two other examples similar to recent graphic design work are –

Starbucks – The evolution of the Starbucks logo; the latest version, right, drops the corporate lettering and gives greater prominence to the ‘Starbucks siren’

Gatorade – Another brand of the Pepsi Co also designed by the Arnell Group, The Gatorade rebrand was the most successful of the bunch.











Project Magazine – The worlds first ipad Magazine – Brett

by johndoedesigns

The Future of publishing has arrived! Project magazine for the ipad is the worlds first native ipad magazine! launched by Sir Richard Branson in New York November 2011 Project is a collaboration between Virgin Digital publishing and Seven.

Project has the look and style of a magazine but acts like a website . It had to combine the enduring print media foundations – beautiful aesthetics and agenda-setting editorial – with the very best of “new” media: interactivity, speed, and shareable content. But it also had to pioneer – and that meant purpose-built infographics; live forums; GPS-located travel guides; and plenty more things we’d only think of on the day.

Project Magazine’s interactive on page menu – 

Action Buttons – Pressing this will allow you to play, scroll, pinch or otherwise abuse the content.

Numbered buttons – View galleries of videos, photos and more!

Hot spots – Touch one of these “targets” on a page and you’ll open a pop-up window featuring more pictures hidden nuggets of info and, on occasion. picture of daleks.

The forum – Tap this cross hair to enter the online forum and have your say.

Plus panels – Read more and go deeper! The plus panel lets you access a world of link, official sites and places to buy stuff.

Blog – An online repository of news, follow up to articles updated everyday!

Project is a must see, must play app, where you can download songs for free, do quizzes that mark themselves and go on tours around the country all from your magazine! it will be interesting to see how many existing publications will advance in this interactive direction in the future…

Cost – App – Free to download includes and “Sample” downloadable issue

Each Issue is only $2.99

Must see video link –

Links –