crazy coffee drinks

by justcaptured

Up until now i have never been so interested or known what the word infographic meant.

While searching a few websites i found 100’s of  infographics and the majority of them had

me captured and i felt compelled to read on. You can learn so much about the statistics of a

certain topic in a very short time. The majority of infographics worked well. They used great

colours good fonts and had a sense of direction about them. The ones i really liked were simple

and concise and gave a broad over view of the topics. What a great way to learn!

After getting lost in the infographics world i looked a little further at a couple that i liked

and spoke about why.


I like this layout as the colours work well together. It is easy on the eye and tells us a lot of info using an overlapping method.


It will tell you how much coffee , milk, water, foam and chocolate are in eight different beverages .


Being a student of design i was very happy to find this infographic. This is one to put up on the wall and check it out at the end of every project.


At a glance you get the basic rules of how a good design should be constructed. I find this invaluable as it is so easy to loose track of the big picture.


The pro tip and closing statement are a big help and the whole layout is exactly what they are talking about, direction, contrast and rhythm.