GDF – S2 – 2011

Conduct research / Evaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context

Magazine Cover Design

by khemensley

I will be looking at trends in magazine cover layout/design in my research project.

How current design trends filter into magazine cover design.

The basic structure and importance of magazine cover layout.

Is good cover layout crucial for good sales?

I will provide examples of quality layout and methods used to achieve successful layouts.

I will interviewed the editor of  ‘Transfer’ snowboarding magazine.

I’ll also be delving into the developing of formats, as we see more publications switch or extend  from print publishing to digital publishing.

Providing ideas for creating modern digital publications.

Typography taking the lead Role,

by justinebarratt

– as eye catching as a picture.

My inspiration for this project is to take a thoughtful investigation into common design elements of typography. Typography has become the entertainment without even having to be read, becoming the new navigator, through use in shape, colour palettes, & textures, turning itself literally upside down. My bottom line is to see what people are currently enjoying to stare at, what’s making a mark.


Beer Beautiful

by khemensley

Beer is one of the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverages. The fact that it is the world’s third most popular drink after water and tea makes it pretty interesting. The Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that beer consumption peaked in 1979 at 6.4 litres of beer per person, but has been in a steady decline ever since. In turn beer packaging, and labels are getting more beautiful each day. With boutique beers on the up, we can expect to see more unique packaging design.

People in the advertising industry attach significant importance to package design because of its impact on purchasers, its presence at the crucial moment when the purchase is made and consumers’ high level of involvement when they actively scan packages in their decision making. Standing at the beer fridge in the bottleshop, what do you choose?




The thing i like is the label’s ability to stand alone as a piece of art. It is easy to see these labels printed and sold as posters.


This recent beer made in Scotland contains 55 percent alcohol, and the bottle is served with dead animals. The Scottish makers of this beer called it “The End of History”. It is said to be the strongest, most expensive and most shocking beer in the world, since it has 55 percent alcohol and costs $765 per bottle. 12 bottles of this unique beer were made and has already sold out. The dead animals used in making the bottle were all from roadkills.

In France the Sidel beer bottle breaks with traditional codes. At first glance, this object does not even seem to be a bottle. The 500-ml PET bottle boasts an unusual shape with very sleek lines, and the cap is completely hidden. It is only when you turn it over and remove the protective cap that you see that it is a beer bottle, upside down! Right side up, with the protective cap still on, it looks like a stem glass. More than a bottle, this object is unique and fun. The unique shape and the ergonomics of the bottle are meant to intrigue and attract young consumers who are in for a new beer-drinking experience.

A black boombox graphic on a white beer box, it sure stands out in a delightful way!

Mega-brewer MillerCoors is preparing to launch their latest and greatest packaging innovation, the Miller Lite Vortex Bottle, in the hopes of boosting its sales which have slumped recently. The newly developed bottle design has specially designed grooves in the neck to “help create a vortex as you’re pouring beer”.

Will ~ Graphic Visuals & Your Workplace Environment

by blkthread

In my report i will look at the relationship between interior graphics and visuals and the workplace atmosphere. What makes a comfortable working environment, and how you can create an inspiring space, stimulating work ethic. Graphic styles and the relationship to the type of work that will be undertaken in that environment. Universal do’s and dont’s of interior graphics.


Ideas in Graphic Design Today

by tom

I’m going to look at what some of today’s leading designers think constitutes design, ‘good design’ and terrible design. I want to look at what informs their decisions through the creative process and how design today is different to yesterday.

I’ve done a small amount of research and it seems that discussions about type elicit the strongest views. I have a feeling this is because type as an expressive medium is so restricted designers are forced to make serious intellectual choices about what it means to have a variation in ascender width – sort of like how in the helvetica doc people interpreted the type socially, politically, ethically ect and arrived at completely contradictory viewpoints.

So I’m going to start looking at type design today as an entry point into the broader question of what ideas are underlying design today.

Skateboard Art and design

by Mike Svoboda

Skateboarding is a mass field for graphic design. Being madly in love with the art myself, i thought this was a perfect opportunity to get more knowledge and understanding of history behind the design graphically, the legends, creators, processing, manufacturing, the whole movement and direction in which its moving. Its a passion, a sector i would love to pursue.

From home made banana boards to intricate dye cut boards

Haroshi, a Japanese artist taking skateboard design to a whole new level. Using the actually skate deck material to create sculptors.

Telling stories with data research

by khemensley

Jonathan Harris is creating interactive information design, telling stories by mapping cyber space with his data research. You can navigate through his many websites and get up to date data that is being constantly scrapped from millions of web sites and blogs. Each time you login you can get a new story.

 “Ten by ten” is a visualisation tool which showcases the top 100 words in the news and the 100 photos associated to them. The result is a dynamic dashboard that displays in one screen a mosaic of the key news images for that very hour next to an interactive ordered list of all the most popular words appearing in those news stories.


“We Feel Fine” searches the world’s blog posts for occurrences of the phrases “I feel” and “I am feeling,” revealing emotion and humanity behind what would otherwise be plain old text. This defines a profound new kind of information design: whittling down the world’s 70 million Web sites and blogs into a framed image of humanity. And it does it live, continuously, and autonomously… constantly changing artistic responses to a constantly changing world.


He has also built a website and created info-graphics for Princeton University’s “International Networks Archive”. One main goal of the INA is to develop a new system of mapping our world — one that does not rely on geography, but on more meaningful parameters like access to world markets or communications infrastructure. The first map reconfigures 23 world cities based on travel time between the cities instead of distance. You can click on different cities, and the other world cities will slide to reflect their travel time from the chosen hub.

Harris studied computer science at Princeton University. His work has been featured by CNN, BBC and wired among others. His work has also been exhibited at Le Centre Pompidou (Paris), and at MoMA (New York). He calls himself a storyteller. But he’s also equal parts visual artist, computer scientist, anthropologist, data voyeur, photographer, digital anthropologist, interviewer, and designer.

Japanese manga

by lucanakin

In my report I will treat some matter about japanese animation.

In particular:

-What is a manga?


-The history from the start until now

-How can draw and read a manga

-What is the main plot of most manga

-Main differences

-Influences in the actual world



Music & Graphic Design – Concert Posters

by samdavis217


Sam Davis


For my report I have chosen something I have always been interested in, The art of Concert Posters.
I will be researching not only concert posters but graphic design in music, Album cover art, Album promotion, Gig posters and also will be browsing and reporting on artists such as – Frank Kozik, Jim Phillips, Justin Hampton, Jermaine Rogers, Rex Ray, Chris Shaw and Craig Howell just to name a few.
There are so many different styles in this area of Graphic Design more old then new as this art is being taken over by modern technology and is becoming more difficult to communicate in this way, but it is a beautiful art form and many posters are very high-priced collectors items.

Automotive Typography †

by vivalabonita007

I’ve chosen to explore the world of car logo’s and emblems and the history + typography + design used in their development. Starting with the companies themselves (inc; toyota, mazda & nissan). Then onto their racing devisions (Eg; TRD,[toyota], MPS[mazda], & NISMO[nissan] Then finally onto the model emblems and the typography structures used to construct the badges that we all use to tell our cars apart ( eg; supra, silvia, Rx-7, GT-R). And some of the  hidden messages that lay within them. Then perhaps dabbling in japanese motorsport subcultures as a representative of where these emblums are at today. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come: