How I think the Fine Print, became Packaging’s Point of Sale

by justinebarratt

Remember a decade ago when we had to carry around a ingredient decoding book to the super market, commerce drove food industry to chemical warfare, and our food was making us sick, terminally ill. We were forced to turned the lights back on in the factories that were processing our foods, to our horror we saw that we shouldn’t trust these manufactures, breeding consumer distrust, we turned away from the mass food production and began to look back to our own back yards, Nana’s jam’s, the local farmers market, and here began the rise of the hand made market, back to the days where things were simple honest, the fine print became the big print as companies raced to expose themselves as honest, trying to becoming ethically transparent clean and respectful.

New trends started appearing, things became pared down, the use of simplistic shapes, block colour, typographical packaging, vintage design, (we became nostalgic for brand that reflected the good old days when things when’t so abstract & distrustful) added into this mix, has been the VERB, what a product will do for you, BLISS, HELP, HIGH and product names became simplified like WOOD, SMOOTH, ROUGH, QUENCH, we desired to be seem as simple,yet intelligent, minimal, fresh, healthy and readable.