Theme Park Maps – over the Years

by debbiemiller767

The use of info graphics in Theme Park maps, Zoo’s, National Parks have always interested me. Often they are geared toward tourists, that might not always speak the local language. So the use of info graphics are imperative to get their message across.

Magic Kingdom Map 1964

I have chosen to look at the Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park Maps over the past 47yrs. As you can see that the info graphics they started with contained only a few bits of information and basic colour and layout.

Magic Kingdom 1979

By the end of the 70’s a more realistic map with smaller more regular sized graphics. The use of colour coding certain shops/attractions has begun. Giving a better understanding of the location and type of attraction in certain areas of the park.

Magic Kingdom 1981

By the start of the 80’s the use of colour coding, the different areas that the park was divided into rather than different types of attractions. The colours are brighter and the graphics are more three dimensional. Yet the the layout is still more of a realistic map.

Magic Kingdom 1989

The late 80’s were known for hideous colour combinations, and as you can see the Magic Kingdom Map did not escape this trend.

Magic Kingdom 1991

By the 90’s it reflected the time of more basic and consistent info, containing more outlines of the attractions but keeping the coloured zones.

Magic Kingdom 2011

Since early in the 2000 they went for a more animated/ 3D feel to there map. Adding more colour to the objects while still keeping the coloured zones, but in a minimal way compared to the previous years. While adding more colours into the text.

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