Online Schools – Infographic’s – Brett

by johndoedesigns

Online Schools is a premier portal for online education on the web. Their goal is not to revolutionize the concept of education, but rather to help bring people into the 21st century in terms of the way they perceive learning. In today’s Internet age, education is now about infographics, blogs, e-books, web articles, youtube, wikipedia etc.

Online Schools strive to revolutionize the way people think about and approach education providing honest, up-to-date and readily available info.

Online Schools has different topics with infographics such as – Business and finance, Education, Engineering, law and criminal justice, Technology and internet, Science and many more! The subjects are broken up into how the information is given for example if you learn better with infographics you would go to the information that has GRAPIC under the topic this is an infographic, other ways of learning are TOP BLOGS, WHAT IS, ARTICLE ect.

There is a wide verity of inforgaphic topics some more serious than others topics include –

Obsessed with Facebook

Things you didn’t know about YouTube

The evolution of video games

Marvel Comics


And more serious topics such as –

Is online learning for me?

Student Debt

What degree should you get

Personally I find infographics a great way of learning information that may spark your interest but maybe not enough to sit and spend hours of time researching it. I think Seeing the interesting facts broken down into easy to read style with fun graphics and graphs is a much easier way to absorb information.