Peeling back the packaging

by mishydee


Michelle Davies

There are some very creative methods of using the freshness of fruit to help sell products – whether they are made from fruit or not.

Above are some of the creative packaging solutions for selling juice.

Top left is packaging by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. Designed to look like the fruit they come from, there is little to no text or other elements to distract from the fruit. He simulated the look, feel and texture of the fruit flavour contained within.

While I love the coconut water in the shell (top right), I think it really only works if the shell is able to be used from the manufacture of the water and is in effect using 100 per cent of the material. Also there may be shipping issues if trying to export the shells to other countries – quarantine or pest/disease issues.

I do love the shaped juice boxes, I can imagine that kids and adults would love them and think they would sell well just for their design value. The work is from Australian design student Yunyeen Yong. Impressive for project work!

The bottled water is beautiful and makes me want to drink it NOW. Simple design but so effective. It looks refreshing and appealing. It was designed by Pemberton and Whitefoord for Fresh and Easy sparkling mineral water.

Unfortunately only a concept, this Quick Fruits packaging is by designer Marcel Buerkle, but looks so delicious I wanted to include it.

Above is notepaper designed to look like fruit. Designed by Masashi Tentaku, a tree twig is used as the stem of the notepad and is sold with netting to create the realistic fruit look. The only downside is that you would not want to ruin such a beautiful design by using them!

Below them are the Kleenex summer range of tissues. The juicy fruit slices illustrations were created by Los Angeles-based illustrator Hiroko Sanders. While tissues arguably have nothing to do with fruit, they do look great and are far more fun than normal tissue boxes.


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