by Mike Svoboda

The rebranding of stolichnaya is to further increase the brand’s presence, while still staying true to Stolichnaya’s ability to reach consumers with underlying themes of desire and intrigue. Stoli’s newly designed bottle caps are among one of the many changes made to increase the brand’s relevance among a new generation of vodka drinkers who seek premium quality. All changes, such as the new bottle tops to the holographic ink and updated label weave together to tell a story rich with the brand’s Russian heritage but still provocative enough to evoke a sense of excitement for consumers.


Stoli Gold’s new packaging is designed to highlight its multi-award winning status and quality. The label features the iconic Stolichnaya logo above the black and gold scripted reference to the 500 year old production methods. The rebranded vodka will be available in key markets including Israel, Lebanon, Austria, Jordan, Canada, Turkey and the US as well as key travel retail markets.


The Stolichnaya website was the digital side of their new rebranding campaign. It’s objective was a showcase of their expansive line of vodkas and their new bottle packaging. It also contains a timeline of some major events since Stolichnaya’s inception. Extra effort was put towards making the iconic objects of Russian life become a focus for each time period.


The limited edition Stolichnaya 4 Elements Vodka, designed exclusively for travel retail by the Russian artist and sculptor Yuri Gorbachev (a nephew of the former Soviet Union leader). The unique limited edition label, depicting the four elements, was promoted with an eye-catching circular bar, light boxes and branded merchandise in arrivals through out Europe’s many airports. Gorbachev’s eye-catching design for original Stoli Red and the theatre of creating cocktails in-store capture’s the imagination of the public and well received around the world. Stolichnaya is steeped in rich Russian heritage over 100 years old and respected as a pioneering quality vodka brand.




Stoli is believed to be the first vodka in space (care of the joint Russian-US space mission in 1975).