by ilebrinsmead

Making clever packaging unique and different for books, in particular, can be a perilous journey with many checks and balances.  The least to say, packaging design turns into disaster once exposed to the challenge of critics and naysayers.

Best to get an outside opinion to discover fatal flaws as part of the proofing process before it gets out there. And before signing off on your packaging, check thoroughly and carefully the following:

  1. Packaging
    • hold weight
      free from dampness
      hardcover editions, spine straight against box’s side
      wrap or pad, if necessary
  2. Bad images
  3. Type/face on package
  4. Packaging message/s is rightly conveyed through images and words
  5. Verbiage is not offending
  6. Integrate product packaging into your brand
  7. Pitfalls – environmental issues, legislation counterfeiting, product packaging security

I found in the Internet these custom packaging designs pieces exquisite:

Lebrito de mi – packaging is low cost and design has an artisan resolution and conveys warmth and originality of the product.

New York – designed by Swedish Henrik Persson. Book weights 16 kgs, vertical standing, packaging/display stand made in Perspex and literally looks like a building/skyscraper.

5th Gymnasium –  a monograph in one of best/oldest high schools in Zagreb, packaged book in pencil case, brand’s the schoo’ls visual identity in Mathematics (upside-sown 5 reads like G).

Vinexport’s bag-in-boxes: wine packaging or old books – Awarded at the 2008 Bronze Pentaward, a worldwide packaging design competition, packaging was designed to support the brand identity by rendering the image of an old book to differentiate the Grapefruit product in the marketplace. This meant modernizing perceptions on the bag-in-box wines.

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