Intelligent packaging, clever design or simply a throw away gimmick

by antisocialskateboards

In todays over crowded society there appears to be and endless line of companies popping up almost over night and vying for there place in an already saturated market. Many of these companies and their products are short lived, but what about the others ones that stand strong and survive. What makes these companies so different form their competitors. Are they really a more superior product, more competitively priced or does it come down to intelligent packaging. With so many similar items for sale, isle after isle in any given supermarket or store it would certainly make sense that standing out and being noticed will in all probability give you an edge over  your competitors. Clever packaging design is certainly one simple way of achieving this goal. Below is a selection of various different products that have been designed to grab your attention. Are they simply gimmicks or clever design.

                                       These are just some of many great and maybe not so great packaging ideas I came across. Hope you enjoyed having a look at them. And please check out the links bellow as there are so many great packaging designs out there to discover. Enjoy.