Amazing Infographics for Health Conscious People

by ilebrinsmead

Initially, I wanted to show you some alternative medicine and healing practices by way of infographics but unfoturnately, I could not find any interesting information in the web. Hence, you may be curious about Infographics on weight loss and other health issues.

Infograpics on weight loss

Generally, people do not really know the calorie intake and outtake that is contained in food and how hard it is to work out to get rid of extra energy.  So this chart below helps you to decide when to stop weight sneak up on you.

While the chart looks visually appealing, I find the comparisons only useful for people who eat what I consider junk food – Big Macs, fries, chocolate chip cookies, but not for other sensible food items.

Also this infographics may be more useful using  bar charts to show calorie intake and calorie outtake by the type and hours of exercise, instead of graphing minutes to burn off.

Facts about smoking

How about looking at the essential facts on this legal, yet dangerous acitivity: Smoking in numbers of people smoking versus deaths.

This infographic seems to show smoking causes more deaths than alcohol, car accidents, suicides, AIDS, homicides and illegal drugs  in the US.

Disease Fatality Rates

How about case fatality rates for popularly known diseases? Very interesting to note that Aids, an untreated disease ranks the highest and the common seasonal flu ranks the lowest….Beware!

Dietary Supplements Effectiveness

Truths about dietary supplements are usually obscured by marketing hypes and finding the truth about research can be time consuming.

Consider the figures in this infographics with a grain of salt. The numbers may be incorrect, and some of them are definitely open to interpretation.

Calorie Intake Outtake

Facts about Smoking

World Health

Disease Case Fatality Rates

Effectiveness of Dietary Supplements