Cool stumbled upon designs ;D

by vivalabonita007

What makes a product really stand out in this day and age?  These designers have

This liquor Gun looks very similar to .45 but instead of bullets it’s loaded with 200 ml of genuine Mexican tequila by Hijo’s

Creative fruit juice packaging by Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa

Stop tea from falling all the way in, yes please!

by soon mo kang

by Donkey products

This food label changes its color by reacting to ammonia given off by food when it is becoming spoiled.

Concept by To-Genkyo

Stranger absinth- classic but classy

recently print magazine approced four design and packaging firms with a simple brief: if marajuana was legal how would it be packaged? the favorite packaging concept comes from this one after the heads of state.




Why stop at just the packaging itsself? this japanese group has focused there design on there barcodes.

Beautifully handmade package, the show cases contain the 17 key/natural ingredients that make up the Red Bull Cola taste