Budweiser new branding

by justcaptured

On August the 3rd 2011 the iconic american beer brand budweiser unvailed its new designed can, bottles and secondary packaging.

The new can design is budweisers 12th since 1936. The focal point of the new design is the iconic budweiser  “bowtie” . This accompanies

the budweiser creed and Anheuser-busch medallion.

The budweiser success is rooted in the qualities of the beer that will never change, such as a crisp refreshing taste and a lifelong commitment to quality.

The new packaging design gives a fresh new updated look which emphasizes the iconic bowtie and incorporates the brands hallmarks that loyal drinkers will recognize and appreciate.

The new visual identity is to help reinforce Budweisers role as a true global beer brand. The packaging will also feature a ” quick response” code that will better enable budweiser to regularly communicate with the consumers.

I believe the new design works well to give the brand a fresh new minimal look while keeping in with the companies traditions.

They have achieved this by keeping most the original colours but reducing the amount of blue and emphasizing the text “KING OF BEERS”.

Budweiser has also toned down all the frilly bits and have made the bowtie and white space stand out.