The Byron Shire Echo

by justcaptured

The Byron shire echo is published weekly in the byron shire of NSW Australia.

The echo as it is also known was founded in 1986 following marijuana raids by police in the valleys surrounding Mullumbimby .

Many people believed that the police were acting aggressively and illegally. Back then local TV and print media refused to report on the story. It was this act of honest coverage that provoked the late Nicholas Shand, to start the local newspaper.

Until this day the newspaper challengers social justice. The Echo brings the thoughts on current issues of a small local community to the table and  has backed the dumping of  a prior council and backs the community against large corporations such as Club Med & woolworths.

Over the last 20 years, The Byron Shire Echo has grown steadily from an A4 layout to the present day A3 tabloid, and currently prints 21 000 copies weekly.

These days the Echo is not just printed. They have a great website ware you can brouze through the current weekly issue and check out archives.

The way of the future for the Echo is going to be the internet. They are just about to launch Echonetdaily This will be your daily news emailed to you every day for free.