Post 2/4: Branding & identity

by clea1g

The task for this post (2/4) is to look into case studies about the branding and identity areas of the graphic design industry.

The example above is LOVE146 is a great example of graphic design being used effectively to reposition and re-brand products/services and the way in which they are perceived by the public. You will find this case study here:

The site this case study comes from is: where you will find loads of examples.

Another fine example of this type of repositioning is the case study:Unpackaged.

This case study is from another excellent site:, check it out…

Other useful and interesting sites are:

& local designers/studios: (a Brisbane based studio who are a little outside the box) & (an Australian based  international design firm). Of course these are just a starting point.

1: Write a brief summary of your chosen case study/example and your response and thoughts on the project. Please provide at least one image of the case study you and using and, of course, a link to the case study.

2: Then find two other examples of recent graphic design work that you feel relates to your chosen case study. Explain why.

For example: If you use the unpackaged case study (above) you might find examples of green packaging/thinking that relate.

This post is to be completed by Wednesday 17th August (by the end of class)

250words + images + links please.