Magazine Design [WoODenToyQUartErLY]- ^^ad!!

by vivalabonita007

Wooden Toy publishing Co is an independent micro-publishing house founded by Melbourne born Art director – Timba Smits.Timba Smits is an award winning Melbourne born / London based graphic designer, artist and illustrator. Wooden Toy quarterly is possible the most design heavy contempoary culture and art publication ever printed in australia. Wooden toy is the only quarterly boogazine (half book half magazine) to come out once per year.


With only 5000 issues prined
and individually hand – numbered the magazine has quickly become a collectors item among design junkies, creative addicts and culture feinds.Wooden Toy is not only a publication worth collecting for its design alone, but for its aim to document and highlight emerging and established creatives that have in some way been influenced by contemporary culture, design and art while drawing in the creatives that Timba thinks can be, and are, an influence or inspiration to others. Many may not know that Wooden Toy stareted its humble beginings like many magazines just a simple street kid, editions one to three were carefully distributed as free street press magazines throughout Australia during 2006 and early

2007, with 6000 copies per issue being lifted from the streets with a 100% pick up rate.