Hamburger Eyes. Tom

by tom


Hamburger Eyes is a photography journal/book published on a casual basis somewhere between annual and bi-monthly.  The contributors are both professional and amateur. Hamburger eyes started in San Francisco in early 2001 as a copied photo zine of no more than a few pages. Today it is appears about twice a year and as a publisher also prints solo photographers work in the hamburger eyes format as well as smaller collections in a zine format. HBE is printed on glossy stock in black and white with no text apart from the title and credit.


As a journal it captures the implicit moral, political and social contradictions of modern life and the industrial world, and results in a subversive document of mainstream culture.  The content is documentary in style with a focus on the contemporary experience and the contradictions of globalisation and urban living. It works with a raw and unrefined aesthetic that lends itself to a gritty interpretation of the documentary. The photographs appear as glimpses of meaning in an otherwise fleeting industrial reality.  Many of the photos would be excluded from mainstream media for reasons or censorship or politics because of its overt content relating to poverty, drug use, nudity, protest and vandalism. HBE champions images that contrast with traditional photographic and visual ideas of beauty and perfection and offers an alternative to that mainstream image that tend to idealism and marketing. Because of its raw style and subversive content often the work will lapse into petty fetishism featuring some object of the everyday rather than the capturing of an sublime moment that sprawls with visual narrative and resounds with metaphor.