Designing Kids Magazines – Helene

by Helene

A French editing company, Bayard Presse, has created innovative publications of high quality for young readers ranging from 0 to 25 years. This very prolific company has over the past 40 years hired editorial teams that work closely with world-renowned authors, illustrators, journalists and photographers. it.

Similarly, well known publications such as TIME magazine, National Geographic or popular and respected organisations such as Disney, RSPCA, CSIRO have developed their kids magazine which provides a new challenge in designing magazines.

As these children’s magazines are reaching a widespread and multicultural community of young readers around the world, editorial teams work constantly to up-date current publications and invent new ones, in order to meet the needs of new generations growing up in today’s fast-changing world. Every issue contains stories, current events adapted to the target audience, a science idea, craft or art feature in a very attractive and colourful layout.

Designing these magazines involves using Bold LARGE and fun prints, and of course tons of colors. Fonts and types are constantly changing. A special “gift”  is often attached or a fold-up 3D activity is included. Some include audio tapes and CD where stories are read or foreign language listening exercises are included. Access to an online magazine  and many interactive games is provided through a special log-in, and parents and teachers are invited to use those.

65 magazines are today published  by Bayard Presse in over 15 countries and in 13 different languages.  Many exciting new works of fiction and non-fiction continue to enrich Bayard’s editorial catalogue of more than 1,000 titles. Some of the most popular creations and characters are now also featured in important multimedia productions.