Thrasher Magazine

by Mike Svoboda

Thrasher the longest running skateboard magazine, for nearly 30 years founded in 1981. Before E-Books, or the growth of the web finding a previously released issue was almost impossible. Graphic Design has been essential to every era of publishing history and now a profession in the midst of enormous change. A superficial argument would state that Graphic Design has been diminished by the web, but in fact it has been enhanced. Thrasher has kept in step with the web and has the most viewed web site in the skateboarding magazine industry. The on-line publishing revolution has given opportunities including a way to reach people with on-demand video clips, news, products, and product of advertisers. A positive development that has enriched the business.

The first issue released in January 1981 born on paper has since mutated into a glowing screen of eternal information.

Continuing to celebrate its 30th anniversary in the name of nostalgia, Thrasher put online a few copies of  original comics made ​​in the 80s. In the first period of activity because the magazine commissioned some well-known illustrators of the time a comic book miniseries based on skateboarding. Absurd stories, illustrated by characters in a workmanlike manner. Some numbers are available and just recently on ‘ online store of Thrasher, the same price which came out in the ’80’s.

Along the years not only did Thrasher magazine publish comics, it branched into the music scene coming out with several compilations from classic cassette tapes to CD and now a whole on-line store and gallery of anything thrasher.