Publish an eBook

by ilebrinsmead

Book publishing is one of my interest nowadays and incidentally our business receive enquiries from prospective readers for availability of ebooks.

What in the world is an eBook? Any content converted to a digital format and then viewed on an electronic device such as a computer, PDA, or eBook viewer (often called a “reader”).

From a publisher’s vantage point, detailing the  form, designing and packaging of an ebook is important. And Writers understand the elements that make up a successful ebook.

E-book readers are becoming more common, and two of the most popular today are the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader line.

Unfortunately two different brands don’t read the same kinds of e-books unless bought from the store designed for the reader, e.g. Amazon’s Kindles Store, Sony’s Reader Store, Barnes and Noble Nook touch reader or Apple iBooks.

Many easy-to-use tools exists today for converting to e-books. For Kindle users, the Mobipocket Desktop is a choice. Amazon provides a conversion service  which allow emailing to them the e-book and will convert and sent directly to your Kindle reader.

Calibre supports Amazon’s Kindle, Sony,  and Nook and a large number of other reading devices.

I came across the Web Publication, a professional e-publishing solution that provides online publications of digital magazines, ebook, flip-books, ecatalogues, brochures, annual reports, prospectus, newsletters among others. An eBook is created from a PDF.

PDF’s documents are converted into interactive digital publications with flash animations, video and photos., videos, hyperlinks, forms, interactive games, HD images.

Real interactivity with readers can be created on all digital devices at optimum cost. Contents can be published online on your website, flash drive, CD/DVDs, USB drive and even accessible from an iPad or an iPhone, email and web links.

Three solutions by Web Publications are Publish your own  (DIY), Online flipbooks are published for you, or Automate the publishing of your flipbooks using a tailored solution to automate the creation of your interactive flipbooks.

Examples of eBooks published by Web Publications:

E-Book, Wikipedia
Calibre book management
Web publication
To see demo, click on the Web Publication page